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Latifi Will Unveil the MonteDamavand in store

According to the Latifi Group's cultural department report, the introduction of the Conklin American Company fountain pen and the purchase of the Latifi writing group took place on August 8, 2023, at the Latifi Group shop, where a gathering of Iranian friends was held.

After extensive research, Parker Latifi's research team's presence in the Mount Damavand environment, numerous photographs taken over time during various seasons of the year, and consultation with naturalist professors, the first phase of the research work related to the production of Montedamavand fountain pen began in 2015.

In the second phase, we began designing a pen for the area's nature lovers under the name Damavand Pen, which was eventually changed to Montedamavand fountain pen and given the English name Monte Damavand. The third phase involved conducting research on numerous well-known writing software companies around the globe to collaborate in the creation of the Montedamavand fountain pen, which is the best writing option after specifying the chosen design and sending it to the volunteer businesses along with the produced samples. The final stage of production began with the selection of the material and quality.

On August 8th, 2023, a group of friends and collectors, including the Latifi family and Ali Dehbashi, displayed the fountain pen of Montedamavand fountain pen in the Latifi store.

Montedamavand Fountainpen Writing

Then, on the occasion of this unveiling, Mr. Ali Dehbashi wrote a few sentences in Damavand's handwriting on paper.

Source :Latifi co.