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MonteDamavand pen to Mount Damavand

Ascending the MonteDamavand fountain pen to Mount Damavand

According to the report from the cultural and sports section of Parker Latifi, after the unveiling of the MonteDamavand fountain pen, the Parker Latifi group, in collaboration with a professional mountaineering group, sent MonteDamavand fountain pen for specialized tests to the top of this peak.

Mount Damavand is the highest peak in the Alborz mountain range, with an elevation of 5610 meters, located in northern Iran. This mountain, in addition to its visual beauty, also possesses unique environmental characteristics. The powerful Damavand volcano was active years ago and its volcanic black rocks still remain on the mountain's slopes. Mount Damavand, a pristine natural area in Iran, has long been regarded as a symbol of the country's strength, power, and authenticity. Hence, naming this fountain pen after the majestic Damavand peak is a beautiful representation of Iran's culture and history.


MonteDamavand fountain pen

Parker Latifi, with one of their unique programs, unveiled the MonteDamavand pen. This program aimed to:

  • Send the fountain pen to Mount Damavand for the registration of a cultural and sports event.
  • Examine the durability of the fountain pen's body in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Assess the pen's ink stability and water resistance at high altitudes.
  • Evaluate the fountain pen's durability in snowy and icy conditions.
  • Utilize the Damavand fountain pen at the elevation of 5610 meters to assess writing quality.


Through prior coordination, the ascent program of the MonteDamavand fountain pen to Damavand peak was initiated by the YAKHAR Damavand mountaineering group on Thursday, 4th of Mordad, 1402 (July 26, 2023). In this cultural and sports event, the fountain pen was used and evaluated by one of the mountaineers along the route and at the highest points of the peak.

Results of the Test

The results of the tests on the MonteDamavand fountain pen indicate that this product successfully transfers ink onto paper under harsh high-altitude conditions. At an elevation of 5610 meters on Mount Damavand and in temperatures as low as -1 degrees Celsius during the day and -12 degrees Celsius at night in the summer season, the MonteDamavand fountain pen easily transfers ink onto paper for users. Additionally, in terms of body and component durability, the fountain pen exhibited high resistance to cold and heat, as well as to the mineral content present in the soil at the upper part of the peak. These qualities demonstrate the high quality and performance of this fountain penunder extremely challenging high-altitude conditions.

The MonteDamavand fountain pen, with its successes in various tests, has shown that it can be used as one of the best options for writing in extremely cold environments and at high altitudes. With this pen, users can confidently write during their travels and mountaineering adventures in nature.

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