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Condolences for the loss of a great man ( Asghar Latifi )

The news of the death of the father of Iran's pen

For many people, his name reminds of sweet memories of school days and passion for writing and school. Because his name is linked with "pen". A pen seller who, according to his colleagues, was not a liar and this characteristic also made him famous. A man whom some called the father of Iran's pen and writing, died on Friday, May 18 ,2023.

Ali Asghar Latifi became interested in pens and stationery from his childhood and during the days when he lived in Damavand. He was by his father's side in the school where his father was a teacher, and became interested in pens and stationery. This interest was with him until he entered the job market. In 1959, when he became an apprentice of a glasses and pens and pens shop on Republic Street near the British Embassy, ​​he gradually imposed his love for pens on his employer, and every time he cleaned the store's window, he gradually reduced the number of glasses. It was done and the pen was added to the showcase and this was also appreciated. As a result, autographs and pens became the only items that could be sold in that shop.

The news of the death of the father of Iran's pen Latifi


Condolences for the loss of the father of Iran's pen

After a year, Latifi bought a shop and his job became a "pen seller" and his first customers were poets, writers and intellectuals who frequented the rare cafe that was their hangout in those days. He was not the first seller of Fountain pen in Tehran. But he was among the first in this line of work and the number of customers in his shop was also very high. From children and teenagers to politicians, doctors, lawyers, writers, collectors and all those who used to write today. They know him and have memories of him and have given him the title of the father of Iran's pen.


Greetings and Regards

In addition to expressing our gratitude to all relatives, friends and acquaintances who graced us with messages, garlands, banners and their loving and compassionate presence during the funeral and death ceremony of our beloved father (Mr. Latifi). They were a balm to our sad hearts, we sincerely thank and appreciatethem. We are proud to have loved ones like you who were by our side during the difficult days of separation.

We hope that God will give us the opportunity to repay your love in the happiness of your loved ones.


Latifi family


Father of Iran's pen