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PVD, which stands for Physical Vapor Deposition, is an environmentally friendly coating process that will protect and prolong the life span of each writing instrument to which it is applied. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Traditional electroplating operations can produce emissions of toxic air pollutants, including heavy metals and cyanide.

JAM Handmade Cup Latifi co. is a completely handcrafted ceramic drinking cup made by Iranian potters. This cup is created in a unique and simple way using the skilled hands and creative talents of ceramic artists.

Pottery is an ancient and cultural art that has been practiced in Iran for a long time. Ceramic artists shape pottery pieces by hand using simple tools and enhance their beauty and grandeur with special techniques and artistic skills. This art has a rich and extensive history that has been passed down through generations for many years.

According to the Latifi Group's cultural department report, the introduction of the Conklin American Company fountain pen and the purchase of the Latifi writing group took place on August 8, 2023, at the Latifi Group shop, where a gathering of Iranian friends was held.

After extensive research, Parker Latifi's research team's presence in the Mount Damavand environment, numerous photographs taken over time during various seasons of the year, and consultation with naturalist professors, the first phase of the research work related to the production of Montedamavand fountain pen began in 2015.

Ascending the MonteDamavand fountain pen to Mount Damavand

According to the report from the cultural and sports section of Parker Latifi, after the unveiling of the MonteDamavand fountain pen, the Parker Latifi group, in collaboration with a professional mountaineering group, sent MonteDamavand fountain pen for specialized tests to the top of this peak.

Explore 125 years of illustrious heritage in the fine art of pen making.


NEWS – February 1, 2021
Celebrating a unique story of craftsmanship in fine writing instruments, Parker unveiled its first ever private museum on 23rd January 2015 - an exhibition dedicated to the tale of how one man’s imagination and entrepreneurial spirit that shaped the history of fine writing.


George Parker always drove his company forward through innovation. As he famously put it:"It will always be possible to make a better pen." These are the true icons that make up the Parker legacy.

Inspired by trends in aviation, the Dufold also became known for its iconic advertising, demonstrating the durability of its revolutionary plastic finish which, when dropped from an airplane, was proven to resist cracking.

Pelikan, a company of long-standing tradition, has been making history for 180 years now.

Pelikan, a company of long-standing tradition, has been making history for 180 years now. On 28 April 1838, with the release of the first price list for his paint factory, the chemist Carl Hornemann laid the foundation for the success of this world renowned traditional company from Hanover, Germany

"An Exceptional Alliance: MonteDamavand and Conklin USA Redefining Modern Writing Instruments with Cutting-Edge Technology"

In a pioneering collaboration, two renowned brands, MonteDamavand and Conklin USA, have come together to revolutionize the world of modern writing instruments. Through this visionary partnership, a contract has been sealed, creating a platform for a new era of high-tech writing instruments.

Joy is one of the most beautiful feelings.

When you are completely on your own or when you are with other people, then it’s joy. When body and mind feel light, it’s joy.

We developed the Pelikan ilo for this distinctive feeling. True to the motto "inkredible joy", our fountain pen supports frequent writers and all those who want to become one.

Every essay, every love letter, and every notebook entry becomes an experience with the Pelikan ilo.

The design of the ilo fountain pen combines modern structure and comfort. Say goodbye to undesired pressure sores on the middle finger – thanks to the soft-touch grip zone, our fountain pen sits ideally in the hand and guarantees clean writing, and sometimes a beautiful writen script can earn you one or two extra points in exams.

The 681st night of the Nights of Bukhara is dedicated to honoring and commemorating the services of the late Ali Asghar Latifi, who served as a renowned writer.

This gathering will take place at 5 p.m. on Monday, the 11th of Tir month, 1402, in the Ferdowsi Hall of the House of Scholars of Humanities.

The late Latifi is a familiar name in the collective memory of all those who are involved in writing, especially calligraphy. He ignited the passion for writing in many young people. Those who received their first calligraphy pens from Ali-Asghar Latifi are now writers, poets, doctors, and engineers in our country.

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